(Excerpt from the text printed in the catalogue. Exhibition, Museum Catharina Gasthuis, May 1989 Gouda.)

“… it is particularly the exceptional impression which each work evokes, by the subtle use of transparent & diffuse co¬¨lours. Not only the water colours, but also the silk-screens give a balanced, restful & harmonious effect.

In the unreachable distance is a feeling of eastern mysti¬¨cism. The artist confines himself intentionally to crea¬¨ting this feeling. Achille achieves this with his perfect understanding of the necessary technique involved in making silkscreens & water colours. Masterly… “

A. Wiegel 1989.


(Part of an article written for the exhibition in Ghent 1992.)

“… Achille paints oil/egg tempera on canvas & makes silk¬¨screens, etchings, litho’s, gouaches & water colours. The water colours can be seen in Ghent. The sizes are remarkable – 84 x 132 cm. are no exception. Because of the direct wor¬¨king method it is a risky undertaking to work on paper of this size. Achille paints without drawing – as this would show through the transparent paint. Bea¬¨ring in mind that the pig-ment is absorbed directly into the paper it is impossible to make a dark effect lighter. Form & line must therefore be made with a sure professional skill.

There is something in achille’s work which brings to mind an asiatic landscape & oriental mysticism. We appear to look with the artist as he sketches a great, glowing sun which sinks slowly behind the massive mountain tops. Or we see how the moon caresses the eroded landscape. And just as in Eastern mystical philosophy the balance & harmony are central to his art.

His fascination with the celestial body & their lumino¬¨si¬¨ty become obvious in his manipulation of paint. He paints diverse layers of transparent water colours over each other. The stratifi¬¨cation breaks the light rays which makes the soft colours shine. The manner in which Achille groups his forms & the purity of tone give his compositions an exceptional fee¬¨ling of tranquillity… “

drs. N.Spaans, Leiden 1992.