Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium,
One year studying drawing and painting.
RoyalAcademyof Fine Arts,The Hague,Holland,
five years studying drawing, painting and monumental art (murals), diploma 1970.
TechnicalHigh School,Delft, 1971-72,
to round off the study of monumental art, he followed Colleges of Architecture.
LeydeUniversity, since 1991, he commenced a study of the history of art.
LeydeUniversity, 1993 propaedeutic diploma, history of art.


Oil on canvas, egg tempera, painting on glass, water-colour,
gouache, acrylic, and various fresco tech­niques.
Graphic Techniques: Lithography, etching, photography, xylography and silk-screen printing.


In 1996 he was accepted, as a member, by the comity of the French Artist Federation, Grand Palais, Paris.
1998, Member of L’ACEA (Agrupacion Catalana de Entidas Artisticas,Barcelona,Spain.
1999, Member of VOG (association for original graphic art),Utrecht,Holland.
2009, Member of the Artists association ‘Ars Aemula’, Leyde,Holland.
2011, Member of the Artists association, Wassenaar,Holland.


1992:Paris, French Artists Federation, “Bronze Medal”.
1993:Yper,Belgium, Second Biennial, “Great Distinction”.
1993:Deauville,France, RenĂ© Borel Prize, “Special Mention Landscape”.
1994:Avignon,France, Mondial Art Fair, “Bronze Medal”.
1995:Sainte-Maxime,France, “Lions Club Prize”.
1995:Villeneuve-la-Garenne,France, Works on Paper, “Manet Prize.
1997:Barcelona,Spain, Art Exhibition, “First Prize for Water-colour”.
2000:Chinon,France, Painting Exhibition, “Medal of the Town”.
2002:Saint-Tropez,France, Painting Exhibition, “Golden Medal”.
2007, Biennale International NBC,Tokyo,Japan, Honourable Mention.